A64 Road Closure Information

Copy of information received Sunday 19th September by Parish Council

Dear Stakeholder. 

We would like to inform you of some upcoming weekend road closures on ELOR.  These were communicated previously in May 2021 showing a block window for proposed closures.

We are now at the stage where we have the detail to be able to communicate the definite weekends to carry out the works.

A64 will be closed for 2 weekends from Scholes Lane to Woodlands Way – Friday 15th October (19:00) to Monday 18th October (06:00) and

Friday 22nd October (19:00) to Monday 25th October (06:00)

A58 will be closed for 2 weekends from Whin Moor Lane to Redhall Lane Friday 29th October (19:00) to Monday 1st November (06:00) and

Friday 5th November (19:00) to Monday 8th November (06:00)

Please find attached the diversion plan for these works and a revised copy of the road closure phasing drawing.

There will also be a series of works carried out under temporary 2 way lights, these will be:

A64 York Road – 20th September to 09th October (2 Way Lights Monday to Friday 19:00 to 06:00)

A58 Wetherby Road – 4th October to 23rd October (2 Way Lights Monday to Friday 19:00 to 06:00)

A6120 Ring Road, Shadwell – 18th October to 6th November (2 way lights Monday to Friday 19:00 to 06:00)

If you require any further information please contact us at elor@leeds.gov.uk

Apologies for any inconvenience these temporary works will cause.

The Parish Council have some concerns and queries relating to the following points:-

  • On the ELOR road closure phasing plan you set out the road closures with which we are familiar and these are reflected on the plan. However, I had understood that when Skeltons Lane opens on 23 September, you intend to close Thorner Lane . However this is not indicated on the plan. This is critical to the A64 road closure since if traffic can travel along the A64 and use Thorner Lane and Skeltons Lane as before ELOR, then the risk of traffic coming through Scholes is diminished. If, on the other hand, Thorner Lane is closed, this changes the situation.
  • So traffic on the A1(M) travelling  south and travelling along the A64 from York will be signposted to use either the A58 or the A63 instead of the A64? I note there is no signage directed at HGVs and would like to discuss what can be done to deter HGVs travelling along the A64 towards Leeds and then having to come through Scholes.
  • So traffic on the Leeds Ring Road will be directed onto the A58 and the A1(M) to reach the A64 again at Bramham cross roads. Is this realistic when those in the know can simply go along Barwick Road to Scholes and through Scholes and turn right at Scholes Lane end? I appreciate we can never stop drivers doing this, but perhaps we could put some signage up in Leeds to encourage drivers heading for York to use the M1?
  • I assume, but you do not say, that the A64 road closure is effective for all road users including cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians, and no one will be allowed along this stretch of road?
  • I also assume, but please confirm that you are making specific arrangements with Morwick Hall and Morwick Farm for access to be maintained.
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