Application to Barwick in Elmet & Scholes Parish Council for keyfob entry unit

Gate Entry Key fob

The provision of a coded key fob for entry into the Scholes sports courts area is provided by the parish council for a fee of £0.01 plus a deposit of £4.99 and the recipient agrees to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.
  • Users of the facility will be considerate to all others on the site.
  • Key fob can be returned to the parish council at any time for a full refund.
  • The user will be responsible for any users and their actions who use their key fob.
  • Users agree to cctv recording the area for health and security reasons.
  • The entry gate must not be propped open.
  • Lost fobs must be reported as soon as possible to the clerk to the council but until reported the user takes responsibility for any issues at the facility caused by the fob user.
  • No litter to be left at the site.
  • Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in key fobs being deactivated.
  • Your personal details will only be used in line with the parish council GDPR Privacy Policy.
  • Fobs will allow access from 8:00 am to an hour before dark.

Application to the Parish Council.

If unable to enter full number please omit the 0 at the start.
Price: £ 5.00
Applications are invited from residents of the parish for a keyfob(s) to gain entry to the Sports Pavilion MUGA and Tennis Courts during daylight hours. (approx 8:00 am to sunset) This is a refundable amount which upon return of the unit by the applicant a full refund will be made by bank transfer. Once your application has been processed we will contact you with details of how to collect your keyfob and how payment can be made.
Once you press the ‘Submit’ button details of how payment to the Parish Council Bank account will be shown on your screen.

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