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Following an application to the Environment Fund for the Harewood ward we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a £350 grant from our ward councillors (Matthew Robinson, Sam Firth & Ryan Stephenson) . This will be used for the purchase of spring bulbs and wild flower seeds  for Scholes Lodge Field.

What is the Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA)?

The JSA provides a holistic and reliable source of data and analysis about key demographic, socio- economic and health trends in Leeds. It aims to present an up-to-date picture of the issues driving health and wellbeing in the city, providing deeper insights which help us to understand the interrelated nature of the challenges which affect people’s lives. The JSA does not attempt to set out the current policy response, rather, its primary purpose is to inform commissioners and policy makers about the future needs of the city to better enable effective strategic planning, priority setting and commissioning decisions – helping to make the most of the resources available, deliver the best possible outcomes for Leeds citizens in a joined-up way, and engage everyone to play their part.

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 Scholes In Bloom have delivered envelopes asking for donations so as to be able to continue the fantastic work they do and for the purchase of plants for this coming year. 
Nearly £3,000 donated by Scholes Residents.

Opening Hours: Scholes library

Monday ➜ 2pm to 5pm
Tuesday ➜ Closed
Wednesday ➜ Closed
Thursday ➜ Closed
Friday ➜ 2pm to 5pm
Saturday ➜ 10am to 12pm
Sunday ➜ Closed
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