The Parish Council would like to know your views on the provision of a new children’s playground- trim trail for children 7+

Adventure Playground 

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It is proposed to use a small section of the football field land next to the Bowling Club as a new playground for older children aged say 7 to 12. This will be a logical next step when the younger children have outgrown the existing playground between the school and the library.

A final design decision will be made once the parish council are sure that this proposal is what the majority of people in the village want. Initial ideas include a sports fence around the area and incorporating the mound of earth from the land drainage scheme. Adventure and learning will be the objective with funding being found through grants and from the existing funds held from the Community Infrastructure Levy ( CIL ). Bike racks and some form of seating will also be part of the project.
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Typical types of equipment


Your Views Matter. Your Parish Council are asking for your opinion on this scheme.

Does Scholes need a playground facility for young people aged 7+(Required)
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Do you think this is the best practical site for a playground(Required)
Should any such play area have open access at all times. Answer NO if you think it should be locked at night.(Required)

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