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Planning Committee

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications within our parish.

Parish Councils only have the authority to comment on an applications. The Parish Council do not determine planning applications. The final decision rests with LCC through either delegated decision made by planning officers or by the principal authority’s own planning committee plans panel. The Parish Council Planning Committee will meet the 2nd or 3rd Monday of Each month at John Rylie House, Barwick in Elmet.

The Planning Committee is currently made up of the following members.

  • Chair Councillor Phil Maude (Scholes)
  • Councillor Paul Remmer (Scholes)
  • Councillor Karen Dales (Scholes)
  • Councillor Neil Beaumont (Barwick)
  • Councillor Howard Bedford (Barwick)
  • Councillor Glyn Davies (Barwick)

Planning applications can be viewed on Leeds City Council’s Public Access Page

Neighbourhood Plan

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300 Houses for Scholes

Click HERE for a copy of the Parish Council’s rule 6 statement

Temporary Event Notices

Temporary Event Notices (TENs) give those who don’t hold a regular entertainments or sale of alcohol licence permission to hold events. Click HERE for the latest applications such events in our Parish.

For more information about TENs and how to comment, please click HERE.

Notes from Residents Meeting with Chartford Homes, Tuesday 22nd May Manor House

Attendance; Chartford Homes Mr Chris Morris, Contracts Manager, Mr Mick Laycock, Site Manager. PC Stella Walsh. Residents sheltered housing complex and warden.

Mr Morris apologised for the disruption caused by the recent road closure and the lack of advanced notice. The lack of information was a communication error between Chartford Homes and Athena the contractors. Mr Laycock (Chartford Homes) will be the site manager from end of June.

It was clarified that the works would not go beyond the current coned area and would not extend to the end of the cul-de-sac. There were 2 sewer connections to make and the road closure notice was for 2 weeks (21st May to 2nd June 2018) which may need to be extended if the work is more complex than anticipated. Residents cannot park due to road works in their normal spaces.

Action: Notices to be placed in the Manor House car parking spaces indicating that site vehicles cannot park, site vehicles must remain on site. This is to ensure residents have car parking nearby.

Further road disruption will be made across the entrance to the site when water, gas and electricity are connected. The works for each has to be completed separately as due to regulations they are not allowed to do the work on the utilities at the same time.

Action: Mr Laycock will notify residents by letter in advance when this disruption is to take place.

Residents asked for information about the use of the fire hose to gain water. This is legal as the contractors have a licence.

There were reports that the road sweeper was discharging into the domestic drain. Chartford Homes was reminded this was an illegal practice and it must be stopped.

There was a lengthy discussion about the hedges surrounding the site and whose responsibility they will become once the builders have left.   Mr Morris outlined the usual approach that a Management Company is established and that details are included in the deeds that ensure a nine way split of contributions made to the company who then takes responsibility for the grounds. LCC own the hedges on the perimeter of the site bordering the field.

However there was a lack of clarity about ownership of the hedges and who would be responsible for cutting the hedges.  Residents are not physical fit enough to maintain the cutting of hedges and are therefore very concerned particularly as previous experience of Leeds City Council taking responsibility for maintenance has been poor.  There was some confusion over ownership of the hedge at the back of the bungalows.

Action: Mr Morris to clarify and if possible add the hedges to the management plan.

Due to the lack of clarity of ownership and uncertainty of future maintenance of the hedge which runs along the back of the bungalows residents wanted a fence rather than the hedge. It is not clear if the hedge can be removed.

There was a request for a five foot fence rather than the 6 foot fence being proposed. It appears there are legal requirements that prohibited a reduction in the fence size.

Action: Mr Morris is to check with environmental report and clarify if hedges can be removed.

Residents requested if they could claim for any compensation for disturbance due to noise, extra washing due to dirt. There are no schemes in place and as Leeds City Council, allowed the building the residents have to put with the noise and the disruption.

Mr Morris outlined future work; plot 1 and 2 should be ready by December, then they build the next 3 houses. Sales start in July 2018. The garden area near the tree will be maintained by Chartford. Once plot 1 is built it will become the show house. Residents were invited to look at the houses and the site once Mr Mick Laycock is on site.

Click HERE and HERE for a copy of the withdrawal of the Stopping Up order